Getting Started

Not sure whether you should pursue a college degree? These Web sites provide advice and information about the cost of college and the benefits of higher education as well as occupational forecasts for certain industries.

55,000 Degrees – 55,000 is an organization with the goal to increase education attainment in Louisville, Kentucky by 55,000 post-secondary degrees by 2020. This site includes information about the mission to increase the attainment of advanced degrees in order to further increase the employment opportunities for the Louisville  community.

Adults Returning to College – A publication of the Kentucky higher Education Assistance Authority, this booklet provides information aimed at adult students who are considering returning to school. It provides advice about making the decision to return to school and paying for college. Additionally, it includes basic information for all colleges, both degree and non-degree granting, in the state of Kentucky.

Career Calculator – A free online tool created by KentuckianaWorks that lets users search local job and education information by Occupation, Major, and Income.

Destination Degree – This site presents academic milestones for students at every education level, starting with  Pre-K. These lists of milestones help students become college ready prior to enrolling in their first semester of college.

Go to College Kentucky  – Provides information  about the cost of college as well as specific advice and information for military families, online learners and adults returning to college.

Occupational Outlook Handbook – An online publication from the Bureau of Labor Statistics providing informative entries for hundreds of occupations. Each entry includes the requisite education and training, occupational and industry forecasts, work description, and working conditions. Also, consult companion Career Guide to Industries .

Why Go?  – For those who are unsure about college, this page includes informative graphics illustrating five reasons that college is an important step in the career path.