Salary Information

Career Calculator – A free online tool created by KentuckianaWorks that lets users search local job and education information by Occupation, Major, and Income.

Davis-Bacon Wage Determinations – Wage determinations for federally funded projects in accordance with Davis-Bacon and Related Acts.

Job Search Intelligence – A calculator program that uses location, education, employment history and other factors to determine compensation and employment projections.

JobStar Central – Salary Surveys – Provides a collection of links devoted to salary and wage data.

Kentuckiana Occupational Outlook – Provides career information such as  educational requirements, salary outlook and job growth rates for jobs in the Greater Louisville area.

National Compensation Survey – A survey maintained by the Bureau of Labor Statistics covering various measurements of national changes in labor costs.

Salary Calculator – A calculator program to determine the median expected salary and benefits for an occupation in any zip code in the U.S. – Provides data to help employers and employees determine how to link performance and compensation according to occupation, geography and market conditions. – An affiliate of the Economic Research Institute that provides information on salaries and wages, benefits, and general human resources information to private and public organizations.