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My name is Angelina (Angel) Justice and I’m a Youth Services Librarian Assistant at the Bon Air library. A fantastic manager realized the library and I would be a match made in heaven and recruited me. I am eternally grateful.

I have a background in literature, education and program facilitation; and, the library has been the perfect place for me to put all of those skills to work. I have always been an avid reader, but my time at the library has turned me into a literary omnivore. It’s hard to decide what to read, so I tend to have 4 or 5 books going at a time. I read across all ages and genres.

Connecting patrons to books is a singular joy. I love discussing characters, plots and the ideas that spring from them. So comment on a blog, come to a program or just stop by. I’d love to talk books with you.




Hello. My name is Damera (pronounced duh-meer-uh). Since 1996, I have been a Louisville Free Public Library employee. I started as a page at the Shawnee Branch. I worked as a clerk for the Crescent Hill, Middletown, and Main (in Content Management). Most recently, I was the Teen Services Library Assistant at the Newburg Branch Library and am currently the Children’s Librarian at the Okolona Branch. I have a Bachelor of Science in Justice Administration from the University of Louisville and a Masters of Library and Information Studies from the Florida State University.

When I’m not spending time with my husband and son, I like to settle down with a good book. My favorite books to read are Mysteries, Suspense, Teen Fiction, Urban Lit, True Crime Non-Fiction and of course, children’s fiction. I like to think of myself as a connoisseur of books and look forward to sharing with you some of my favorites.

For more reviews, check my Goodreads profile and my personal book blog:



I started my relationship with the Louisville Free Public Library at the Shawnee Branch when I was a preschooler. I have been an employee for more than 20 years. I have worked as a children’s Librarian at Bon Air and Highlands-Shelby Park branch, and as manager of the Westport, Middletown, and Crescent Hill branches. I am now the manager of Content Management. I help select fiction, mysteries and best sellers for the library and chair the book discussion kit committee.

I read a lot of contemporary literary fiction, mystery and biography. I belong to two book clubs. I have kept a list of all the books I’ve read over the last decade and wish I had always done so.

In college I discovered my ideal read is the 19th century novel (Austen, Dickens, Eliot, Hardy, Tolstoy, Twain, etc.).  Someday I want to take up residence on a desert island to read more of these tomes.



Katherine is a Library Assistant at the Highlands-Shelby Park Branch. She likes a well-told story in any medium, from videogames to opera to novels. She doesn’t always read books, but when she does, she likes non-fiction and comic books. Onychophora, or the Velvet Worms, are distant relatives of crustaceans, but with a plush cuddly exterior that belies their predatory habits.



I began working in a school library at seven years old, I dusted the shelves. I later terrorized a variety of library staff at the Enoch Pratt Library in Baltimore, until they were happy to see me leave. My retribution was to become a children’s librarian. In the last thirty odd years, I have worn every hat from page to branch manager, in libraries, but my favorite hat is the one I wear now serving children and teens. I am a storyteller by nature, so for me the heart of a book is its plot. It has to tell a good believable tale. Secondly its voice, the writing, has to hold my attention, which is probably why I gravitate towards books for the under twenty crowd. They are a hard bunch to flim flam.

My main fare is literature for children’s and teens, while on occasion I do pick up a book for grown-ups if it is one that some of my teens are gravitating towards, usually it has more than a pinch of sci-fi fantasy elements. So, surprise, surprise my favorite genre is sci-fi fantasy materials; but I do read out and out horror (i.e. zombies) mysteries, paranormal (ghosts) and a touch of contemporary. Technology is starting to creep into our world of literature, which I love, and so I spend time reading and listening to books on a Kindle and an iPad. In the last year or so, it has also started making inroads into how we read/see books. A couple of my favorites actually come to life on the pages when you pair the book and an iPad. My personal collection of books at home range from some 1930’s Nancy Drew up to and including James Patterson’s “Confessions of a Murder Suspect.”



I’m Laura and my idea of happiness is a mystery novel where a body is discovered in a bog.  Even better is when the mystery has some history involved, like, say, the Viking era.  Even better than that is when the mystery is set someplace really far away, like the Shetland Islands or southern Thailand.  I love a book that makes me feel like I’ve been somewhere else and that makes me want to learn more about the time and place it’s set in. I love a mystery because it wraps up neatly at the end, unlike life.

When I’m not reading mysteries, I work at the Main Library.  Before Main, I’ve worked at the Bon Air, Middletown, Iroquois and Fern Creek branches.  Another thing I do when I’m not reading mysteries is read other kinds of books, like young adult, historical fiction, horror and the occasional Serious Adult Book.




Each retail store decides what type of music to play over head.  Most pick soothing tunes that will provide an enjoyable shopping experience.  But it was right around the holiday season – when I was going on over ten years as an employee of a large retail book company – that an in-store play CD of nothing but cats ‘singing’ different Christmas songs helped me decide that my time in retail was over.  There’s only so much meowing of ‘Jingle Bells’ one can take.

I have since found a home with the Louisville Library system, working as a children’s librarian at the WestportSt. MatthewsShively, and Southwest branches.  I enjoy reading a wide range of genres, from YA literature to non fiction adult material.



Helping people wherever I go from Louisville to another state is my passion, along with reading.  In 2010, I began serving the Iroquois community as a Page and currently hang my hat at Shively-Newman as Adult Reference Library Assistant along with helping in Teen Services.

I cannot say there is a genre preference I have because the literary world is vast and continuously growing.  Ender’s Game was one particular work earlier last year I read for the first time and was enjoyable especially on audiobook with a full speaking cast.  I’ve always found biographies, memoirs, and autobiographies to be quite enjoyable learning about people’s lives and how each one of us has a different story to tell.

When not serving in the mission field of libraries, I spend time with my “little buddy” Shank, at my parent’s house on occasion and socializing with friends feeding my coffee habit.



For several years I’ve been sharing my love of books by working with children at the Louisville Free Public Library. Before that, I sold records at ear X-tacy, made smoothies, and played violin in a rock band. But after earning a Masters of Education with a focus on Literacy, I decided to try a different route.

My job entails getting to drive the spectacular Children’s Bookmobile to schools and child care centers all around town, showing off our fancy touchscreen computers, attempting to help kids with their Algebra 2 homework, and connecting families with the perfect bedtime book to take home. Bring your kids to Storytime at the Main Library sometime and say hello!


As the son of a retired public elementary school librarian, I have grown up surrounded by books, captivated by their myriad characters and stories. Progressing through my education, I continued to spend an ever greater amount of time in libraries, culminating in my working for the Louisville Free Public Library beginning in 2001. Graduating from the University of Kentucky with my Masters of Library and Information Science in 2004, my first assignment as an official librarian was the Crescent Hill Branch, where I continue my work today. Counted among my most favorite duties here are readers advisory and the book discussion group. Although I have read mainly nonfiction in the past, my diet of fiction has steadily increased and continues to do so as time goes by.



I recently began my career with the Louisville Free Public Library in January of 2014 as the Assistant Branch Manager of the Okolona Branch. I graduated in May of 2013 with a Master of Library Science from the University of Kentucky. My previous background is in both biology and chemistry. I can never remember a time when I wasn’t an avid reader. I still recall summer reading at the St. Matthews Branch when I was in elementary school.

My favorite books to read are normally in the science fiction genre or teen fiction. Since studying in London, I have also developed a passion for historical non-fiction as well. I’m delighted to provide you reviews of some of my favorite books in a multitude of genres!



Hello, I am Tony.  Currently I am a Library Assistant at the Main Branch.  As an avid reader with eclectic tastes across the spectrum of fiction and non-fiction, I carry a book wherever I go.  History, pop culture, science fiction, and horror are my current faves.  Since I moderate LFPL’s Graphic Novel Discussion Group I read a lot of comics, too.

By the way, the Graphic Novel Discussion Group meets at the Main Library on the second Monday of every month.  If you would like more information about the Group, feel free to call me at (502) 574-1611.




My love of books is equal to my love of love itself.  It’s what I read.  It’s what I write.  Some people’s dream job is to work in a bakery for their love of all things pastry.  To me, my loves are books and writing so naturally the library is the place for me.  I can happily wander the stacks for hours trying to find just that right book for the reading nook and my cup of tea (who am I kidding… strong coffee).