Summer Blockbusters @ Your Library

Did you know that many of this summer’s blockbuster movies are based on books and comics? The theater isn’t the only place to go to find an epic adventure over the summer.  The Louisville Free Public Library has comic books about The Avengers and the characters’ individual stories. We also have copies of Pitch Perfect, Jurassic Park, Terminator series books, John Green’s Paper Towns, and Fantastic Four comics.

Avengers Cover: Iron Man, Thor, etc.

Remember that in order to make a book into a movie the story and the characters are often changed so that it fits into a small time frame. This means that you are missing part of the story or a great character that you didn’t even know existed. Don’t miss out by only going to see the movie! Take the time to explore the book either before or after and see all the differences. For example, there are hundreds of Avengers comics with dozens of storylines that make it impossible to capture everything that happens to the characters on film.

While you’re checking out our selection of summer blockbuster books, don’t forget to join our Teen Summer Reading program. Starting on June 1st, go to any of our eighteen branch locations and pick up your folder to win great prizes. Just for reading six books and completing one activity, you will receive a backpack, coupon sheet to lots of local attractions, and U of L tickets. You will even be entered for a chance to win a tablet!

Visit your local branch of the Louisville Free Public Library this summer for awesome books and prizes.

-Lynn, Youth Services, Westport/St. Matthews Branches