LFPL is here for you

 We want everyone to stay connected with the Library at this time!

If you have a library card with overdue fine-restrictions, if you have a library card that has expired or is about to, or if you are eligible for a library card but don’t have one yet, we want to make sure LFPL’s digital resources are available for you during the COVID-19 related closure.

That’s why we have decided to temporarily make the following changes:
1) New Library cards will be granted virtually – follow directions at www.lfpl.org/get-card.htm
2) Restrictions due to overdue fines and replacement fees have been lifted
3) Expired and soon-to-be expired library cards are extended until June 1st
4) All holds have been extended to 21 days so that your current holds will be here when we reopen
5) Late fees are suspended at this time so don’t worry about returning materials to the Library until we reopen

Check out our free Digital Services at https://www.lfpl.org/digital.html.

Research your family’s history from home with Ancestry.com Library Edition (currently available until April 30th).

For up-to-date information on the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic from trusted sources, go to kycovid19.ky.gov