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I am currently an adult library assistant at the Main library. Before that, I worked as a clerk at the Southwest. The same library that I not only started as a page but spent many summer readings as a child. My mother started me reading at an early age to the point that I was reading on my own at four.  By early elementary school, I had read my way through the first twenty Boxcar Children mysteries. I then discovered Nancy Drew and The Little House books. My love of mysteries and historical fiction was born. Which is easy to see while I will read just about anything mysteries and historical fiction remain my go-to read.



I’m an adult services librarian at the Middletown Branch and enjoy reading as widely as I can. I’m most interested in nonfiction (especially essays) lately, but I also enjoy literary fiction, graphic novels, mysteries, biographies, and romances. Besides reading, I enjoy hiking, hanging out with my dog, and watching lots of British television.




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I am the Manager of the Middletown Library and for as long as I can remember I have loved to read! Mysteries and non-fiction, particularly history, are my favorites, but I dabble in everything from YA/teen to science and nature writing to romance. I also love to read cookbooks just for fun. Outside of the library I like to bake, knit, hang out with my family, and get outside to enjoy Louisville’s amazing parks.





Katherine is a Librarian at the Shawnee Branch. She likes a well-told story in any medium, from video games to opera to novels. She doesn’t always read books, but when she does, she likes non-fiction and comic books.

Onychophora, or the Velvet Worms, are distant relatives of crustaceans, but with a plush cuddly exterior that belies their predatory habits. 




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Hello! My name is Noah Park, I currently work as a Library Assistant at the Bon Air branch. I’ve been with LFPL since 2014, working as a Page, Clerk, and Courier before this. I’ve chosen to work for the library as a perfect medium between education and community service. Providing access to whoever would like it brings me comfort in this fast-paced society we have found ourselves in.

When not answering reference questions, I’m usually listening to or playing music, trying to add another piece to the puzzle that is Wolf Peach. The remainder of my biology is comprised of an obsession with anime, watching Super Mario 64 Speedruns, and fantasizing about getting good deals on quality used cars. I’m always happy to chat about any of these things.


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I’m Sarah Evans, a Library Assistant at Main. I was raised in Louisville’s libraries, particularly St. Matthews, and have loved reading since I was a kid. I graduated from the University of Kentucky, joined the Navy to work as a cryptologic reporter, and returned to Louisville and its libraries. I’m currently working towards my MLS degree at UK.

In my own time I love hanging out with my wife and two cats, working on my hot pepper garden, digital art, and playing as much D&D as I can! My favorite book of all time is Swordspoint by Ellen Kushner, but in addition to fantasy I love psychological thrillers and books about famous heists and ordinary citizens joining historic resistance movements when faced with fascism in their communities. My bookshelf typically hosts piles of works on every hobby from quilting to cooking to genealogy to pine needle basketry in hopes of one day having enough time to pursue them all.

My ultimate ambition is to one day have a library with a bookcase that conceals a second, secret library.


Library Assistant for 15 years at Main Library after 2 1/2 years at the Iroquois Branch.

My interests are hiking with friends, watching sports, listening to music, reading, writing, and thinking in solitude.

My taste in music is wide, but my favorites are Bob Dylan, Lou Reed, The Kinks, The Stones, The Beatles, and all of Alex Chilton’s bands.

My taste in literature consists mostly of dead people: The Beats (even the living ones), Thomas Wolfe, Henry Miller, Charles Bukowski, Hunter S. Thompson, and a wide variety of poets. I also read a lot of Biographies these days when my mind is too scattered to focus on fiction. Mostly, they are about writers, Rock and Rollers, and occasionally a sports team or player.

My addictions are Maxwell House Colombian Coffee, International Delight White Chocolate Macadamia Creamer, books (both reading and gathering.), and blasting The Stones’ Exile on Main St or Lou Reed’s Take No Prisoners. I consider Lou Reed’s Berlin the best way to get back into reality.


anthonybuchananI carry a book wherever I go, beginning and end of story. But in the middle, I like to talk about books. Since I both moderate LFPL’s Graphic Novel Discussion Group, as well as select graphics for teens and adults, I read tons of comics, too.

The Graphic Novel Discussion Group meets once a month at the Main Library. You can find out more about it by clicking here



A cheerful Adult Services Library Assistant, Valerie works at Newburg Library and devours books of all kinds, although lately they’ve been best at actually finishing ebooks, much to their dismay (all Books are Books but the physical ones smell nice). As far as subject matter goes, they read everything from bright picture books, children’s comics, and a wide array of teen fiction, to poetry, science fiction (science fiction!!), social histories, and biography/memoirs; Their absolute favorites are optimistic speculative fiction novels with queer protagonists exploring The Final Frontier (tm) or even just living a fun life aboard a space station. Not to be caught without their bag of emergency confetti, they love giving a good reader’s advisory (ie, book recommendations), so feel free to give them your requirements for your dream book, and if they don’t already know of something that fits, they’ll hunt high and low for a recommendation that does! In their spare time they play videogames, much to the annoyance of their pets, and try to coax another new leaf out of their houseplants.