Overcoming Test Anxiety

Are you stressed about the ACT? Upcoming finals in a little over a month? When I was a teen, I had mini-panic moments where I thought that if I did poorly on a test, I would fail school, not get into college, never get a job, etc….

You will be fine! Tests are important and can be stressful, but your life will not be ruined if you have a bad test day. Just take a deep breath, and read the following book! It will make you feel better about your school experience.

The Testing Cover Image
The Testing by Joelle Charbonneau

Sixteen-year-old Cia Vale is chosen to participate in ‘the testing’ to attend the University, and Cia becomes worried when her friend that does not pass the testing disappears. Cia learns the truth about what the tests are really like. They only want the brightest and strongest students, but one wrong answer could cost you an eye, or your life! One of ALA’s Teen Top Ten!

The trilogy continues with:

Independent Study Cover ImageIndependent Study

Graduation Day Cover Image

Graduation Day

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