17 thoughts on “Manga vs Graphic Novels

  1. Ella

    I think Graphic Novels and Manga are equally as satisfying. A Graphic Novel is a story itself while a Manga is an addition to an Anime. They are different things, so I don’t think you can really judge the two.

  2. Porcha

    I think like graphic novels better, because it’s just relaxing and i’m not really in to manga

  3. Porcha

    I think graphic novels are better, because it’s just relaxing and i’m not really in to manga

  4. Elly

    I’ve never actually heard of what a Manga is so I’m not really a good person to compare the two. I do love Graphic Novels though, and I feel like I would like Manga’s too. In my opinion the Graphic Novel on this page, Nimona, seems like a better book but I think it all depends on what types of books you like and what you are interested in.

  5. Michael

    I’ve never read manga, so I can’t offer an opinion on it; as to graphic novels though, my favorite is the Tintin series. I also like the Asterix books, but those might not count as novels.

  6. Kyleigh

    I like graphic novels better than manga; I think its because I like the way graphic novels look, but I’m not really sure. One if my favorite graphic novels is “Sisters” by Raina Telgemeier.

  7. Korea

    I think graphic novels because I personally like graphic novels and read them a lot and not manga cause I am not into them

  8. Kaylex

    Manga because I couldn’t really get into graphic novels. Manga just grabs my attention and each mangaka has a different and unique art style that no other mangaka has. I just really enjoy Japanese culture and love learning all about it. My favorite title at the moment is Yellow by Makoto Tateno.

  9. skylar

    i like manga better because its a different style with the effects and different direction of reading.

  10. Isabella

    I love mangas compared to graphic novels. You can partake in the modern Japanese culture and see a diffrent style of artwork. I also think it is fun to read mangas because it is backwords right to left instead of the forwards left to right we are used to! So I personally love mangas more!

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