Cover of The Cabin by Natasha Preston

Guest Book Review: “The Cabin” by Natasha Preston

Review by Shayla Walker

My favorite book is The Cabin by Natasha Preston. Natasha is currently my favorite author at the moment because I love how suspenseful her books are. If you like a little excitement The Cabin is the book for you.

In the book, the main character’s name is Mackenzie. She and a few of her friends decide to spend the next few days at a cabin that belongs to her best friend’s boyfriend, who quite frankly, Mackenzie hates. Throughout the book Mackenzie keeps talking about how only he knows her secret and fears that he will expose her.

While at the cabin, the group of friends party late into the night. When Mackenzie wakes up her and Blake, a guy on the trip, go upstairs together and fall asleep. When they wake up again, they go into the kitchen to find her best friend and her boyfriend, the one that Mackenzie doesn’t like, dead. The other friends wake up and immediately call the police.

The police finally come to the conclusion that no one broke into the house and one of them murdered their so called ‘friends’. Mackenzie refuses to believe this. How could one of her friends do something like this? And is the murderer done with the killing?

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  1. Vibrators

    I really liked Natasha Preston’s “The Cellar”, but this book was just an o.k read. Neither the murder mystery, the characters, or even the romance angle made this very memorable.

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